Ray waits. 

Doya and Ray, 2014. Do you want to go for a car ride? 

to be full of wonder. 

Sarah on the Flank Trail on Rainbow Mountain. Whistler, 2014. 

Whistler Mountain, 2014. 

Highnote on Whistler Mountain, 2014.

Skipping stones off the Highnote Trail, Whistler 2014. 

This summer I started a new series titled Slackers. It came very naturally, as I take pictures of everything and I happened to be slacklining one day with some friends. I began photographing friends as they attempted to balance on the line, and I noticed how wonderfully poetic the movements and concentration of my subjects were when transferred to stills. It reminded me of the poetry of photographing dance. When slacklining, you are entirely focused on the practice—your movements and balance. There’s no time for any other thoughts, you are completely present. The way that focus transfers to images is beautiful. 

After that first session of balancing and photographing, I decided to turn it into a project. I found other slackliners to photograph and I hope to find many more. I’m also fascinated by slacklining in general, especially because of its more recent popularity. The practice seems to fit in with, among other things, the rise of people in the Western world connecting their bodies and minds, and finding spirituality in themselves and their surroundings. Of course, some may partake in slacklining simply for fitness reasons—improving balance, strength training, etc. Either way, it is an interesting and relatively new practice worth capturing. 

Doya at night. Whistler, 2014. 

Night time, my time. Whistler, 2014. 

Night walks with strange pups.


The words “insects” and “beautiful” are seldom used in the same sentence, but when viewed under an electron microscope, intricate patterns and complex shapes emerge on your average creepy crawler.

When he worked for a research lab several years back, David M. Phillips would come into work early and capture these remarkable images of insects with the in-house electron microscope.

The Surprising Beauty of Insects Under an Electron Microscope

via Slate

Charles Bradley lovers. Whistler, 2014.